Moondance 2FN 2 Person Tent

The Moondance 2FN 2 Person Tent has winter-grade weather protection, lightning fast setup, minimum packed size and the lowest possible weight without sacrificing performance.

The Mont Moondance 2FN Tent has been designed to provide you with winter-grade weather protection, lightning-fast setup, minimum packed size and the lowest possible weight without sacrificing performance. The new Moondance 2FN Tent is the best lightweight, 2 person tent for hikers, bikers, skiers and adventure travellers in 3 to 4 seasons.

With a Full Nylon interior the Moondance 2FN allows you greater protection, particularly in cold and wintery conditions. Ultralight 20 denier rip-stop Nylon provides insulation in colder climates, more protection from condensation coming off the fly, and prevents wind-blown snow coming in if the weather really turns on you.

The 2021 Moondance 2FN Tent comes with the following improvements:

  • Increase in internal width, 130cm wide and 220cm long
  • Improved livable space thanks to wider ridge pole and aforementioned greater width
  • New stronger 20 denier inner canopy Nylon from previously used 15 denier
  • Improved and enlarged inner doors allow easier access
  • New internal pockets are larger and stronger: two extra-large full-width pockets, two large half-width pockets
  • New 20 denier rainfly fabric, previously 30 denier, is lightweight but has the same tear strength thanks to increased threadcount and improved PU coating treatment
  • Now includes 10 pegs compared to previous models with 8 pegs

Mont Moondance Tents feature a lightweight 25,000mm+ WaterBloc™ PU laminated Nylon floor. 25,000mm+ waterhead: that is more than twice the waterhead of any other tent on the market (and ten to twenty times the waterhead of some of them!).

Mont Tents are sold fully seam sealed, waterproof and ready for rain straight out of the box. There is no need to seam seal your new Mont tent.


2 person, 3 to 4 season, freestanding, sub-alpine tent

100% waterproof tub floor with factory-tape-sealed-seams

100% waterproof fly with factory-tape-sealed-seams

Symmetrical design allows poles and fly to attach to inner at either end

Non-directional pole hubs can face either direction for an easier pitch

Dual entrance and dual vestibules

Four internal pockets: two extra-large full width, two large half width

Carabiner clip on ceiling

Roof vent can be accessed internally

Moondance 2 Footprint also available for greater water and abrasion protection

Wide enough inside for two standard sleeping mats

Multipitch versatility: pitch an ultra-ultralight shelter using the Fly and Footprint only (Footprint sold separately)

Includes Repair kit: fabric patches, emergency pole repair sleeve

Sleeping Capacity
Sub Alpine
Weight (grams)
Min. Weight (grams)
Water Head Rating (ml)
Floor Water Rating (ml)
Length Inner (mm)
Width Inner (mm)
Height Inner (mm)
Number of vestibules
Entry Type
Pitching Order
Inner First
Includes Poles?

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After years of frustrations with the poor quality of adventure clothing and equipment available, Monty had enough and made something better, something he could rely on. In 1978, using a borrowed sewing machine, he made himself a sleeping bag, down jacket and tent. Friends were impressed by his creations, and commissioned pieces.

A reputation for quality gear quickly spread and in 1981 Mont Adventure Equipment was founded.

While Mont has long since outgrown Monty's small unit in Canberra, Australia, he still directs the company and works closely with a passionate team on the design and testing of all Mont products. As dedicated adventurers ourselves, quality is never compromised just to save a few cents.

To this day Mont Adventure Equipment is still privately owned, based in Canberra, fiercely independent and totally committed to better gear for the wild.

Mont – Trusted in the wild since 1981.

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